Friday, May 15, 2015

Buy Games Source Code/Projects

You can buy all my published game source codes which includes Construct 2 project files for easy visual editing and reskining.

You can buy source code for these games and publish them on your own games portal using link bellow:

Games available for sale:

  • Amelia Dress-Up
  • Teddy Summer Dress-Up
  • Forest Mayhem
  • Iron of Fury
  • Winter Moles HD
  • Santa Goes Home (Bad Santa)
  • Insight Master
  • Angela Dress-Up (Jennifer Dress-Up)
  • Vermin Desert Range


The website will be ready once there will be fresh games. There is few coming soon for Android smartphones,tablets and Android Wear. Also I am porting HTML5 games to native Android games developed under Lovers Horizon name.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two upcoming games

After long break we are into gaming again. This time we will specialize into online and mobile gaming.

Vermin Desert Range 

Screenshot from a development version. The final version HUD may vary.
 In this simple arcade action shooter you have to pump your gun and kill vermins. You have 60 seconds to collect as much points as possible. In that time you will also find a hidden items that will unlock you valuable bonus items or mini quest. 
It's remake for my older game that I made in 2008 with standard Delphi graphics library and it had pretty slow performance plus only worked on Windows OS. 

Download it from AppWorld if you have a Blackberry Z10
Winter Moles

As you might guess from the name,the game is in whack-a-mole style. Gameplay is not 100% complete, but so far you can try a development version from AppWorld. 

The rules: You have 60 seconds to hunt as many moles and ninjas as possible. The mole with dynamite will decrease your score so avoid it. 

Download from AppWorld for Blackberry Z10

Online and Android versions are coming soon.

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